Church Of God


The vision for establishing Sanctified Church of God started in July 1994 under the leadership of Rev. Fritznel Gelin. He was ordained by God to preach the Gospel; he answered the call in his heart by gathering his family and friends to the first meeting at his house where the Word of God formed a solid foundation.

After some church meetings at home, the first ever SCOG worship services took place in a shopping center at 6208 Kimberly Blvd in North Lauderdale.
The church experienced massive growth from 2004 to October 2015 under the stewardship of Rev. Pastor Henock Chery (senior pastor). In addition, in 2006 the love of God in the ministry spread out to the community where the rising church moved to a new church located in 5460 N State Road 7 in North Lauderdale until today. The ministry at the church continued to increase after a few months of relocating to the new church site, many people flocked to the church because of the great devotion to Bible teaching and Worship Services. Recently, Pastor Stanley Stlouis was ordained as the new Senior Pastor in 2016, and he continued the church mandate in regards to strong Bible teaching. He is leading the congregation in three aspects, which includes, fostering a good relationship with God, transforming lives and equipping people for the kingdom of God.